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Spent Brass is a fast-paced top-down shooter where you plow your way through five high-octane levels and an optional infinite mode. With death in a single hit, your speed and quick-thinking will be up to the test!

Spent Brass is a first year student project that had plenty of trouble in development. The entire team that made it was also first-year students with only a moderate amount of collective experience, but even still, we encourage you to give the game a try!

Contact the Team

Narrative/Design/Level Design - Theo Telega https://theotelega152.wixsite.com/portfolio / theotelega152@gmail.com

Code - Patrick Korie

Art & Music - Benroy Chayson
https://benroychayson88.wixsite.com/portfolio / benroychayson88@gmail.com

Music - Denzel Chayson 

Code & Design - Matthew Mcinerney 

Technical Art & UI - Khudadad Sheikhanzai

Install instructions

Installing the Game

All you need to do is download and extract the zip, then click on the Spent Brass application!

Requirements to Play

Spent Brass supports the following input types:

  • Xbox One controllers
  • PS4 controllers
  • Keyboard & Mouse

NOTE: To use keyboard and mouse, navigate to the options menu and enable keyboard & mouse. Ensure that you do not have a controller plugged in while doing this - it will cause a conflict.


Spent Brass - 6-15-2022.zip 71 MB

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